Foundation Waterproofing & Weeping Tile Repair

Waterproofing Solutions That Work for Your Home
Whether you own a new or historic home, water damages caused by wet basements can create a serious and sometimes costly issue. Over time, they can lead to mould, mildew, wood rot and even unsightly and unpleasant carpet and furniture damage. Quality Foundation Repair Ltd. offers several effective foundation waterproofing services that will work specifically for your home, ranging from installing a new sump pump or repairing one that hasn’t been draining properly to window well drainage solutions. We are skilled at weeping tile repair in Edmonton.

How to Check for Waterproofing Issues Before You Call Us
Before deciding to call in our expert team of waterproofing contractors, please use the following as an informative checklist to see if you have a waterproofing issue or perhaps something else:

• Inspect your foundation, including your yard and soil to see if your water runs down and away from your
   home. If water isn’t allowed to drain properly, it may run back into your home.
• If applicable, inspect your basement’s walls for moisture or water seepage.
• Test for issues with rainwater and inspect all gutters and downspouts on your roofing drainage system.
   Always keep gutters as free of debris as you can for maximum efficiency.
• Inspect all sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc. for leaking valves or faucets. Inspect your pipes for visible cracks,
   leaks, drips, or dirt or rock build-ups that may be restricting the water flow. Leaks may require a
   professional consultation with a plumber.

Avoid Costly Damages & Health Risks – Get it Looked at Today!
If you think you may have identified a problem in your foundation involving a waterproofing issue, please contact us for a professional evaluation and, if necessary, repair. You shouldn’t have to deal with a wet, leaky basement and the associated health risks where mould is concerned.