Foundation Repair in Edmonton

If you are in need of a foundation repair in Edmonton, it’s important to have it done with quality in mind. Quality Foundation Repair Ltd provides foundation services for re-levelling, crack repairs, underpinning, and much more. Read on to learn about the most common signs that your home may need a foundation repair.

10 Signs You Need a Foundation Repair
There are many tell-tale signs indicating you may have a foundation problem. Being a conscientious homeowner requires you to regularly inspect and survey your home for potential problem areas. Since many homeowners don’t know how to “read the writing on the wall” and correctly identify foundation issues, please take the appropriate time to view this helpful checklist informing you of some common signs indicating that you may have a foundation problem:

• Squeaky, sticking doors & windows that won’t close
• Interior wall cracks, especially near windows & doors
• Moulding around your windows & doors coming apart at their corners
• Visible cracks in-between brick & mortar
• Visibly leaning chimneys or leaks around your fireplace
• Sloping, uneven floors or uneven porch elevations – use a level or roll a ball across the floor to determine
• Visible cracks in your basement’s concrete floors
• Standing water found pooling in your basement, crawl space or around your yard
• Visible calcium deposits on block walls – white, chalky substance that dusts off
• Nails visibly coming out of their sheetrock

If You Need a Foundation Repair, Don’t Delay
If you have answered “yes” to one or more of the above points, you may have identified a problem in your foundation. Please contact us, as we are reputable professionals that can immediately evaluate and, if necessary, repair it for you. When it comes to foundation problems, don’t delay. It is more cost-effective in the long run to have them repaired before the damages have had time to spread.